About Us

Co-founded by two bffs - one a makeup artist and the other one a stylist. SkinHQ came into their mind one day when they were having lunch together and started talking about how we love cosmetic and skincare products.

So talking, and talking, we realized both of us dreamed of having our own cosmetic brand one day, and that's how SkinHQ was born, and after all the hard work we poured in, our Webstore was launched officially on 1st April, 2016. 

We love connecting with our customers, and will always see them like family. We'd always love to hear from you - colours you'd like to get that's not found anywhere, any comments on textures or packaging... tell us how you feel about our products! After all, we are just a cosmetic brand baby! Email us at hi@SkinHQ.com if you have any thoughts!